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Drimaster Express Ireland

Drimaster Express Ireland have been appointed by Nuaire as the main supplier of Drimaster Products on the island of Ireland.

For over 15 years now Drimaster Express have been Supplying Drimaster Products to Contractors, Homeowners and Landlords throughout the island of Ireland. We have thousands of our units installed in both the North and South of Ireland. We have a clear ambition to make our contribution to improving people’s lives by ensuring that their homes are free from Condensation, Mould and Musty smells. At the same time improving the quality of the air that we all breath.

Our range of products are suitable for both Houses with Lofts and also Apartments with no loft spaces. Whatever the type of property that you live in. If it has Damp problems related to poor ventilation then one of our products should be provide an efficient cost effective solution.

We are a dedicated supply only company and provide videos on our website detailing how to install our products . Please click on this link to our “How to fit a Drimaster Eco” page for further information.  However, we also provide further technical advice if required via our contact page.

If your home suffers from Condensation on Windows, Mould on Walls and furnishings and  Musty smells then be confident that one of our range of products might be the solution you have been looking for. 


This extremely low and cost-effective energy ventilation strategy was pioneered by Nuaire with the aim of combatting condensation dampness and removing pollutants from within the home.

1 in 5

UK Homes poorly ventilated

7 Years’

Manufactures warranty provided

1 mln.

UK & Ireland Installations




4″/100mm High Rise Vent

19.50 Inc Vat

This ducting kit is available in 3 colours: White, Brown and Black

The High Rise Ducting kit is perfect if you don't have access to high ladders.

To fit follow these steps:

  1. Core a hole in the wall of the required size. Usually 117mm. The hole needs to be greater than 100mm to accommodate the rubber flange on the end of the Grille.
  2. Clear the hole of any Debris.
  3. Push the venting kit into the wall (starting with the grille)
  4. Make sure the duct is correctly orientated with the longest side of the grille at the top.
  5. Connect the ducting or fan to the inside of the Duct.

Nuaire NA Extract Fan

62.00167.50 Inc Vat
Compact single-speed extract fan range offers easy installation, exceptionally low noise and low maintenance. Specifically designed to ventilate small rooms such as toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms and are ideal for wall, ceiling or panel installations. Unit comes with 1 Year Warranty (UK & Ireland Only).

Nuaire MEV-Eco Extractor Fan

545.00595.00 Inc Vat
The Nuaire MEV-ECO extractor fan MEV unit is a centralised extract ventilation system that is capable of extracting and ventilating multiple wet rooms throughout a single property, which makes it an ideal home ventilation solution. SAP recognised and designed with meeting current building regulations Part F and Part L in mind. The MEV-ECO units make use of market-leading technology to be able to achieve its high-performance 100l/s extraction rate (max), and low noise whilst maintaining high energy efficiency. It manages to keep these high specifications despite its compact size with low depth of 125mm. This makes the installation of the units simple and appropriate in most properties.”

Nuaire iSense Extractor Fan

138.00152.40 Inc Vat
The Nuaire I Sense fan is a powerful constant running fan that has been designed to ventilate bathroom and Kitchen areas. The unit is designed to ultra-low noise levels and is available to purchase in 2 models types. Either in a Standard Constant run function with a timer or with a timer function and a Humidistat. It also has an intelligent run on timer that can be set to operate according to the occupiers lifestyle via an auto or fully adjustable mode.

Nuaire Cyfan Kitchen and Bathroom Extractor Fan

196.80 Inc Vat
Nuaire Cyfan Kitchen and Bathroom Extractor Fan Timer Off White in colour. An all-in-one extractor fan, perfect for use in all residential properties, preventing condensation, dampness and Mould. Cyfan is designed to meet the necessary flow rates needed for operation throughout all wetrooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and utility rooms. Cyfan is ideal for landlords, both private and social housing providers, providing an all-in-one solution to household ventilation which requires no maintenance. The centrifugal fan operation allows for the fan to operate efficiently across multiple airflow and pressure conditions making them ideal for multi room usage. Multiple activation options including Pullcord activation, integral timer settings, boost functionality and continuous operation. Convert Cyfan into a Humidistat Extractor Fan. At the flick of a switch Cyfan will utilise its smart internal humidity sensor to automate activation and operation power, optimising the power of the fan to provide the most efficient, cost-effective ventilation. Low Voltage Mode. A simple, stress free conversion allows for Cyfan to operate as a 24V DC SELV, allowing for usage throughout Bathroom Zones 1 & 2

Faith Fan

152.95 Inc Vat
This compact, filterless, continuously running bathroom extract fan with comfort boost, trickle, constant airflow modes, and a run-on timer provides energy-efficient ventilation by monitoring the performance of the fan – such as running hours, which is displayed on the display. Recommended for reactive and planned ventilation servicing, the unit has a 7-segment LED display which is visible by removing the front cover. The LED display illuminates upon pressing any button and stays on for 10 seconds after the last button press. As an additional safety feature, when the front cover is removed, the impeller stops turning. Suitable as a social housing ventilation solution, the unit also has humidity sensors, which boost the functionality of the fan when the amount of moisture in the room exceeds normal levels. If the humidistat is activated, the unit automatically runs at comfort boost speed until humidity levels drop below the selected threshold. In AUTO mode, the humidistat triggers if there’s a steep humidity variation and humidity is over 65%. 5-Year Warranty – 1-year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only.

Nuaire Drimaster Eco Heat HCS

510.00 Inc Vat
The Nuaire DRI-ECO-HEAT-HCS provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle. Essentially the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. To achieve this, the unit is mounted in the loft space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property. An integrated heater tempers airflow should the temperature in the loft space drop below a set point, ensuring ultimate comfort in the home. Please note this unit cannot be linked to external sensors as it does not have RF capability.

Nuaire Drimaster Eco Heat HC

605.00 Inc Vat
This new modern low- energy Drimaster ECO Heat HC ventilation system has a unique 400W heating element to temper the airflow during colder periods. The unit can be controlled via the Unique 4 way switch that will boost the system and turn the Heater on/off as and when required (sold separately).
  • Heater version- Supplies tempered & filtered air to the property
  • For homes with lofts - Whole House Condensation Control
  • Supplied with all ancillaries required for a suspension installation
  • Integral 400w Heater and Modern Circular Diffuser
  • Warranty: Complete with a FULL 7 Year Nuaire Warranty
  • Low operating costs
  • Cure condensation & mould
  • Improves air quality in home
  • Very easy to install
  • Low maintenance

Nuaire Drimaster ECO Humidity Sensor

228.00 Inc Vat
Nuaire's latest Relative Humidity sensor monitors the humidity levels within the home and instructs the unit within the loft to adjust the speed in order to maintain optimum comfort.
  • Monitor humidity in any room or rooms
  • Quick and easy out of the box setup
  • Can have multiple humidity sensors in your home
  • Next day delivery to any location on the Island of Ireland
  • Enter a valid EU VAT registration number at checkout for VAT to be removed
  • Compatible with Drimaster ECO LINK & ECO HEATDRIMASTER-ECO-NOX-HC