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Curing Mould with effective ventilation

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Permanently banish mould with effective ventilation

Black, green or white mould? Musty smells? Condensation issues? Damp patches? Mould around windows, on furniture, mattresses, walls floors, ceilings and doors?

You won’t solve the problem with bleach and household cleaners. Mould will keep coming back unless you deal with the root cause. What’s more it can also affect your health and immune system, causing headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea, fatigue and even trigger respiratory problems and asthma.

Did you know:

  • Left untreated mould can grow into your walls and even affect building materials
  • Toxic black mould needs to be removed by a professional
  • Houses are becoming more airtight, without fresh air in your home, mould problems start

A permanent solution starts with an on line consultation. We’ll provide expert advice and an answer to your mould problem using our range of advanced ventilation solutions. Then you can relax and enjoy an all year round healthy indoor environment free from condensation and mould.

5 thoughts on “Curing Mould with effective ventilation

  1. Anicia Madden says:

    I am having all these issues with my bungalow at the moment. Would love to know if this could help.

  2. Mark Purcell says:

    Hi was just wondering If placed in hall way up stairs does this get to every room in the house including the bathrooms does it just naturally work it’s way around the house???
    Mark purcell

  3. Lauren Hogan says:

    Hi there I have a 3 bedroom mobile home/static caravan and we are having issues with condensation on the walls and it’s affecting our furniture. As we do not have an attic to install do you have anything that would solve the issue. Thank you

  4. Martin Mannion says:

    Have a 2 bed apartment with loft space overhead.Seperate bathroom and kitchen /dining area .Issues with mould in bedrooms and bathroom.

    Appreciate your assistance

  5. Amanda Kirwan says:

    Hi I live in 3 bed bungalow. Built in 1980. All the issues outlined above are happening in my home. We do dry clothes indoors in the kitchen but have condensation on every window.
    Would be interested in more information about how your system works, cost and installation etc.

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