The Nuaire Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation system should be mounted in a loft area to allow it to draw fresh air through the G4 grade filters, and then pass the air at ceiling height into your home. Positive Pressurisation is the most effective method of retrofit whole-home ventilation and is a tried and trusted cure for condensation dampness.

The principle introduces a constant flow of fresh, filtered air into the home, which lowers humidity levels and so prevents streaming windows and black mould patches from forming. It creates a dry, allergen-free environment that is great for asthma and allergy-sufferers. The G4 grade filters are fine enough to prevent pollen entering the home – good news for hay fever sufferers.

How to Install Your Drimaster Eco Positive Input Ventilation System

Nuaire Drimaster-Eco Installation - Part 1 The Parts Explained

Drimaster-Eco Installation - Part 2 Installing Your Drimaster-Eco System

Drimaster-Eco Installation - Part 3 Setting Up Your Drimaster-Eco

Drimaster-Eco Installation - Part 4 Wireless Sensors & Switches